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As well as providing helpful information about local seafood, Fish Local looks for partners to help us develop industry and community lead projects to encourage growth within the inshore fishing fleet. 

man in a cafe holding an iPad with the Fish Local website homepage on the screen

Fish Local, responding to a global pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK one of the most immediate effects was the collapse of the fisheries markets. Virtually overnight Kent & Essex fishers didn't have anywhere to sell their fish.

The idea was to use web-based and social media systems to allow direct connections to be made between suppliers of seafood and local consumers. 

Fish Local was the answer!

Adding value to the local fishing industry

Kent & Essex inshore fishers have only a handful of species that are valuable enough to fish for. Our job was to add an under-loved local species to the list.

Throughout the creation of the project, we were led by the fishing community and the wider industry. Holding a series of focused meetings, as well as speaking directly to several industry insiders. The twin themes of better education and promotion of fish caught by the local  fishermen were consistent throughout and lead us to focusing our efforts on selecting an undervalued local species and redefining it into a regional, desirable and sustainable species; whilst giving ownership to the community. 

close up of price tag in ice at a fishmongers written in chalk

Creating a Business case for Silver Shore Herring

We are current working on the next development stage for Silver Shore Herring.

We are looking at how Herring can connect into he supply chain, what the industry thinks of it in practice and building a case for working with CEFAS to classify the species.